First, they may obtain a bachelor’s degree in law from one of the three law schools in Singapore, the National University of Singapore, the Singapore Management University and the Singapore University of Social Sciences.


. It is important to talk with your advisor at Texas A&M School of Law before you register for classes to make sure your degree plan satisfies all of the.

You should review the requirements set by each state in which you wish to sit for the exam.


org. M meets the minimum requirements to qualify for the Bar Eligibility Criteria: Be an LL. LLM students should contact Fahed Alrawaffor for bar advising.


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Taking the US Bar Exam as an International Lawyer/Student. .

bar exam or practice law in the United States.

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bar exam or practice law in the United States. .

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Pro bono opportunities. . . . .


National Conference of Bar Examiners 302 South Bedford Street, Madison, WI 53703-3622 608-280-8550 • TDD 608-661-1275 • Fax 608-280-8552 www. or Canada.

Applicants must take and pass the MPRE within 3 years either before or after passing the New York Bar Examination, measured from the date the applicant sat for each exam.

The LLM academic advisor will guide you appropriately, and counsel you as you navigate the application process.

It is recommended that YLS LLM students interested in admission to the New York Bar who commence the LLM program on or after August 2018 consider Pathways Four and Five of Rule 520.

On the other hand, the AILET LLM and PhD exams solely focus on various aspects of law.

Most of the LLM graduates who take a bar exam do so in the state of New York.